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Wedding Reception Decorating Ideas

wedding reception venue charlotte monroeIs your wedding almost here but you still do not know how to decorate your wedding reception? You may be tempted to run to a professional to help you out but that could cost you some money, which you can better spend for your honeymoon. To offer some assistance, here are wedding reception décor ideas that may prove useful to you, just in time for the big day.

Food as Decor

If you have already made up your menu for the reception, ask your caterer to put extra effort on the food presentation. The way the food are arranged and placed on the tables can add to the overall decor. For instance, use gorgeous layered trays or make your dessert bar more tempting by adding sweet treats that are placed in colorful jars.

Candles for a Cozy Ambiance

Instead of using blaring white lights, try using candles in your reception hall. They will give the place a warm glow that will make the affair extra cozy and comfortable. A better idea is to use scented candles that will also waft the place with the fragrance of blooms that will relax your guests. You can use candles that go along with your color motif, or go for varying colors to make the place look vibrant as well.

Flower Power

You will not go wrong with flowers since they are a staple in weddings. In fact, you can bring the flowers you have used to decorate the church to your reception area. Just have a huge Styrofoam of your preferred shape ready at the reception hall and insert the flower stems all over it for an instant decor. Another idea is to sprinkle rose petals all over the reception area to make the place colorful and fragrant.

Colorful Glassware

This is a very simple idea that creates a great impact, yet seldom done. Wine glasses in receptions always come in clear, colorless glasses that are so plain and blah. Try using colored glassware instead and watch a simple table transform into something festive and fun. You do not even have to buy these glasses since they can easily be rented.

Christmas Lights

Do you remember those Christmas lights that you stored along with your Christmas tree? Well you can put them into good use during your reception. Instead of spending money on new lighting fixtures, you can use these Christmas lights to decorate your reception hall. You can place it around your wedding cake, wrap it around pots of plants, or hang it alongside the curtains. You may also tie little ribbons on it for added decor.

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